DEVITA Celebrates Hendersonville High School Renovation!

On August 3, DEVITA’s Kim Wooten, PE and Carson Carpenter, PE were proud to celebrate the grand opening of the $60 Million renovation and expansion of Hendersonville (NC) High School, home of the Bearcats. DEVITA provided mechanical, electrical, lighting design, plumbing and fire protection engineering services for the project in coordination with LS3P and PFA Architects. The highly energy-efficient MEP systems significantly reduce the total cost of ownership and will save county taxpayers thousands of dollars in annual energy bills. New HVAC systems included bipolar ionization to improve indoor air quality, increase thermal comfort, reduce energy consumption, and enhance students’ learning experience. The project was a joint effort between DEVITA’s Greenville (SC) and North Carolina offices. Kim served as the electrical engineer of record and Carson (Class of 2008), a Hendersonville native and resident, led DEVITA’s construction administration services, collaborating closely with the architectural team and the construction team led by Vannoy Construction.

The project included a complete renovation of the historic 1920s Stillwell Building (69,000 sf), the existing main gymnasium (21,000 sf). The project also added 95,000 square feet of new classrooms, auxiliary gymnasium space, and laboratory facilities.

Congratulations to the Hendersonville community and to all who took part in this project, including a diverse cross-section of DEVITA’s staff!