The Company

A History Of Excellence

Founded in 1984, DEVITA is an employee-owned company offering comprehensive, multi-disciplined engineering services for projects of all sizes. With many locations throughout the southeast, we are well-positioned to make your project a success—no matter the scope.

Over nearly four decades, we have proudly served clients across the country, remaining laser-focused on their success and letting our values be our guide.

Our Permission to Play Values


  • Honest and Genuine in all interactions
  • Honor commitments
  • Avoid hidden agendas
  • Work for the benefit of the client and firm


  • Recognize the human value of each person
  • Never verbally abuse others
  • Calmly and thoughtfully handle difficult
  • issues in the appropriate manner and venue
  • Respectfully hold one another accountable when project quality falls short
  • Never throw a colleague “under the bus”
  • Display a positive attitude
  • Listen actively

Our Core Values

  • Answer for deadlines and measurable results
  • Take responsibility for own career development
  • Freely admit to falling short when appropriate and focus on solutions rather than assigning blame
  • Take pride in the quality of our work
  • Respectfully hold one another accountable when project quality falls short
  • Execute the appropriate level of work for your position
  • Recognize the appropriate time to involve others including management or more senior technical personnel
  • Motivated to deliver high-quality service to internal and external clients
  • Focused on the best solution, not necessarily the easiest solution
  • Will lead by example to ensure client satisfaction
  • Manage work and personal life to avoid short-coming in client satisfaction
  • Minimize bad surprises for clients and management
  • Deliver bad news as early as possible
  • Ensure that tasks are properly delegated or reassigned when out of the office
  • Utilize proper communication tools for different situations
Hard Work
  • Maintain a professional level of intensity throughout the workday and workweek while contributing to a positive atmosphere
  • Contribute to a culture of work-life balance through timely collaboration by limiting procrastination and the “last-minute drama” that results
  • Make productive use of non-chargeable time
  • “Pitch in” to help colleagues achieve common goals and meet deadlines