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BIM Technology


DEVITA believes that Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents the future of construction design and we strive to find new and updated ways to utilize BIM for our clients’ full benefit.  Our BIM Management team and the software we use represent our commitment to this valuable technology.

As a whole, BIM improves productivity, reduces conflicts and changes during construction, detects construction clashes, and avoids further rework.  BIM also:

  • Makes an overall better product
  • Improves project outcome
  • Reduces errors and rework
  • Brings new offerings to an established business

Autodesk® Revit Software

The Autodesk® Revit line of digital prototyping software is designed specifically for BIM.  Revit produces complete model-building designs that allow engineers to plan, construct, and manage a higher-quality and more energy-efficient building using 3D visualizations.

The Revit software suite helps designers and engineers design more efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

DEVITA recognizes the dynamic landscape of this technology and the need to be on the leading edge.  To that end, we commit to training each of our designers and engineers in using Revit and the entire Autodesk suite to its full potential.  Continuing education in Revit fosters greater collaboration, saves our clients time and money, and addresses conflicts before building even begins.



Navisworks project review software further improves BIM coordination by combining design and construction information in one model using both simulation and animation.  Teams can also create schedules from project models, import schedules, and cost items from external applications.  Engineers identify and correct clashes in context before construction, saving both time and money.  

Navisworks Clash Detection tool helps engineers find issues faster and, connected to the Collaborative Cloud, creates a powerful issue management system.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration lets a project team share data and information from sites with one another regardless of location and from the earliest stages of a project, whether by laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile. Immediate benefits include the ability to make real-time changes, facilitate effective and productive communication, track and monitor progress, and create audit trails for verification to maintain data integrity.


ElumTools is the first and only fully integrated lighting calculation add-in that predicts the performance of electric lighting systems and daylight within Autodesk Revit, producing both beautiful and accurate lighting analysis.   

Interference Check

The interference check module inherent with Revit software allows design professionals to resolve construction conflicts before building even begins. Performing a 3D interference check saves many hours of time and eliminates the need for change orders and construction delays.

DEVITA's Autodesk® Revit Suite

  • Autodesk BIM360
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
  • ElumTools
  • Trane Trace
  • Visual

Levels of Development (LODs)

Measuring the content and reliability of BIM

DEVITA commits to managing and exceeding client expectations.  We measure the quality and reliability of our BIM models through multiple stages of delivery using Levels of Development or LODs.

LODs vary from the simple conceptual model of LOD 100, in which parameters such as area, height, volume, location, and position are defined, to the more complex level LOD 500.  LOD 500 is the field-verified model in which all elements, along with their quantity, dimensions, location, and orientation, have been checked in the actual building post-completion.  As-built models fit into this category.

As the technology of BIM develops, DEVITA will continue employ LOD specifications to improve communication with designers and clients, as well as supplement BIM Execution plans. 

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In addition to our years of experience and highly capable team, our investment in industry-leading 3D BIM modeling technology and knowledge of the latest advancements in smart energy design help us consistently deliver innovative engineering strategies.

Working with DEVITA is different because we’re as committed to your success as you are.

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