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BIM Technology

Precast Engineering

For the precast concrete industry, the powerful 3D technology of Building Information Modeling (BIM) means moving from 2D drawings to a 3D model that can be shared digitally to provide both cost and time savings.  BIM also generates  more consistent data.  Precast concrete serves a critical function in the building process and a 3D BIM precast model implemented in the planning and design stages can streamline fabrication, scheduling, and shipping. 

Tekla® Structures is the 3D BIM software used by the precast industry to work like a model-based encyclopedia of a project, while improving communication between project team members, and managing information more efficiently.   DEVITA has invested heavily in the Precast version of this software, with the goal that every step of the design process is realized – from estimation and bidding, detailing, fabrication, planning and coordinating – right through the project’s completion.

Total Precast BIM Solutions

Engineering Design Tools

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Tekla/ Trimble
  • Tekla TEDDS
  • Bentley Design Programs
  • AXSYS CAD/ CAM Solutions
  • PTC MathCAD

Virtual Walk – Through Tour from BIM Model

  • Owners/ Developers get an upfront tour of their prospective projects
  • 3D Interactive Virtual Experience of Full Scale BIM Model through motion tracking capabilities

BIM use in the Precast Plant

  • Laser layout of forming and embed placement
  • Increased accuracy and efficiencies
  • IFC Models on mobile devices

Extend BIM from the office to the jobsite

  • Total Station Layout
  • Model and Export CIP footing/wall elevations, steel-embedded items, and anchor bolts
  • Verify coordinates to achieve a higher quality assurance prior to construction
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In addition to our years of experience and highly capable team, our investment in industry-leading 3D BIM modeling technology and knowledge of the latest advancements in smart energy design help us consistently deliver innovative engineering strategies.

Working with DEVITA is different because we’re as committed to your success as you are.

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