Inspecting All Operational Components

At DEVITA, commissioning (Cx) is not just a buzz word. It is the approach of bringing operating systems online and integrating them to operate at the highest possible level.

Over the past several years, we have noticed an increased demand for commissioning services within the building industry. The concept of providing Cx services might be new for many owners, but the return on investment will speak for itself. DEVITA’s experienced Cx team has found that the cost for Cx services pays dividends not only in energy cost, but in performance and comfort for all building occupants.

Design Approach

The Commissioning Process

DEVITA’s experienced Cx team members have a great depth of knowledge in their field. Our team understands energy systems and knows where the trouble spots are; therefore, we can be proactive about troubleshooting any problems. We champion continuous dialogue during the entire design and construction process in order to find collaborative ways to achieve the project requirements on time and within budget.

DEVITA’s experienced Cx team philosophy centers around collaboration. We ensure a collaborative process by:

  • Integrating the Cx process early into the architecture design process
  • Assisting with developing the owners’ goals for the project
  • Setting energy goals early in the process for cost effective solutions
  • Maintaining dialogue among project team members throughout the project
  • Completing our unique commissioning issues log

What Sets DEVITA Apart

With over 34 years of experience, DEVITA is the clear industry leader in Cx services. Our commissioning experience ranges from 15,000SF office upfits to a 765,000SF international hotel, with construction budgets between $150,000 and $350M. DEVITA’s areas of expertise include public and higher education, mission-critical, commercial, hospitality, and civic buildings. Furthermore, we have completed over 44 LEED projects.

In an industry where experience makes all the difference, DEVITA is a clear leader. We know how operating systems work, we understand contractor installation needs and requirements, and we are conditioned to anticipate future needs for a facility so we can provide innovative solutions for our clients. And when you work with DEVITA, you can be sure that we’ll communicate with all stakeholders throughout the process so that decisions are made that support the facility for the life of the building.

Our Commissioning Process

Phase 1


During the design phase, we will meet with all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive commissioning plan. This plan will be in compliance with the owners’ specifications, as it pertains to the commissioning process. The Cx plan describes the Cx process, team member roles, and all Cx activities related to the project.

Phase 2


During the construction phase, we review the shop drawings. Then we coordinate the application of the testing plan through observation and documentation of all equipment and systems to ensure that function complies with the facility’s project systems requirements, objectives, and contract documents.

Phase 3

Integrated System Testing

During this most critical phase, we provide on-site performance testing and the careful coordination of manpower between the construction and A/E team. We provide a system functional test procedure for each of the integrated systems. The capacity test for critical equipment such as chillers, air handling units, boilers, and pumping systems includes testing internal failures and recovery tests, and reporting of abnormal conditions.

Phase 4


The acceptance phase relies heavily on the correct completion of test and balance [TAB] reports. At this level, the interaction between the building systems with one another shall be demonstrated under both normal and abnormal operating conditions. Under this level of commissioning, we will validate how the site infrastructure, such as chillers, pumping systems, heating plant, air handlers, and electrical systems will likely perform over the next five years. Our team will provide the owner with an Operation & Maintenance [O&M] manual.

It is highly recommended that during the integrated systems and acceptance testing phases, all stakeholders be present to understand and witness the functional testing procedure.

Phase 5

Warranty & Post Occupancy

During the warranty phase, DEVITA’s experienced Cx team provides critical training to the support staff in order for them to maintain the building and systems. The training will bridge the gap of complex systems, integration of components and trades, and coordinate a training plan that focus around the complete system.

During the Post Occupancy phase, our team will return to the site during peak operating hours to conduct a full-load testing and review, as outlined in the Cx contract. We then return for a 10-month check-up to review the current building operation and identify any deficiencies and current system issues. Our team will address any concern the maintenance staff might have and provide additional training, if necessary.

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In addition to our years of experience and highly capable team, our investment in industry-leading 3D BIM modeling technology and knowledge of the latest advancements in smart energy design help us consistently deliver innovative engineering strategies.

Working with DEVITA is different because we’re as committed to your success as you are. Tell us about your project today.