Precast Producers

DEVITA is Designed for Precast Producers

Unmatched Experience

Schedules Designed to Work with Your Plan

With an entire division at DEVITA dedicated to Precast Engineering and Detailing, our team knows how to work with yours to keep your project on time and on budget. Our project schedule is designed around your plan to ensure production runs smoothly. Contact us today to begin your next precast project.

Power in Numbers

Our dedicated precast professionals bring strength and depth to the engineering, drafting, and review phases of a precast project. Thanks to our talented and diverse team, we are able accommodate aggressive production schedules and also respond to detailed changes with understanding and efficiency.


At DEVITA, our Precast professionals provide you with the expertise needed for a successful project. Many of our design professionals have worked in the field for more than 15 years, and continue to demonstrate daily commitment to client service. Our experience allows us to take on many different types of Precast projects with confidence, and deliver outstanding results time after time.

Technology Spotlight

At DEVITA, we are dedicated to continuing investment in the latest design technology.

Our advancement into BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows us to effectively model precast projects. Some of the technological advantages of using Tekla BIM software to model your project are enhanced clash detection, easy generation of section cuts, simulated erection sequencing and modeling for fly through graphical representation, and increased accuracy of fit up.

DEVITA's use of BIM for precast projects supplies customers with:

  • Accurate models for sales and estimating
  • Erection drawings for plans, elevations, and sections
  • Estimated material counts through BIM automation
  • Steel cards
  • Shop ticketing

Tekla software produces IFC-compatible files, that can be used with programs such as Revit and other architectural design software. Our use of 3D BIM designs allows for more accurate project modeling by showing the foundations, steel, and other components of a precast project, providing the owner with a more detailed depiction of the finished project at an earlier stage. Our 3D BIM designs give our clients more information at an earlier stage, offering both time and cost savings.

Precast Portfolio

DEVITA brings vast experience to precast projects, and our engineers are equipped to handle many different types of projects. View some of our successful projects below, then contact us today to begin your precast project.