Smart Energy Design

At DEVITA, we understand the importance of Smart Energy Design in today's market. We employ a wealth of tools to help you reach your project goals, whether it be to achieve certification, generate energy savings, or maximize your return on investment. Our engineers and project managers are skilled in utilizing industry leading tools, and can guide you through the process.

DEVITA offers coordinated mechanical, plumbing, structural, electrical, and precast engineering services, as well as the latest energy modeling tools and 3D BIM technology. With a wealth of in-house experience, we are equipped to offer creative solutions for your smart energy design needs. Contact us today to get started.

Energy Modeling

Our engineers use 3D BIM and industry leading energy modeling tools to provide the quantitative analysis needed for informed design decisions. Whether pursuing Energy Star or LEED certification, evaluating building energy management, or assessing return on capital investment, we help you determine the best options for success.

Energy Star Certification

DEVITA is a qualified Energy Star administrator. We have vast experience in the Energy Star certification program, from the design phase to the verification phase. In addition to our deep understanding of what drives energy usage in your building, we also have detailed knowledge of the Energy Star application process. During the certification process, we can represent you as the design professional of record.

LEED Certification

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program is designed to recognize buildings that strive to exceed code compliance. From recycling and air quality to water and energy efficiency, to material usage and location, the LEED program provides many options for businesses to score points towards certification. Our LEED-accredited professionals can aid your team in navigating the many choices in LEED by outlining the tradeoffs involved in a clear and concise way. Our team can identify the technologies that make sense for your project and your organization, not just based on being green, but based on what makes sense for your business.

Green Building Code Compliance

The code landscape is changing due to the need for more efficient building energy management across North America. Many jurisdictions are adopting new rules, and the requirements are subject to continuous modification. In this complex environment, our team can evaluate a project to determine the best methods of achieving and maintaining compliance based on the owner's needs. We understand that success is based on many factors, including cost. Our team can provide building energy modeling for your project, and suggest energy solutions that help keep a project within budget. 

Proven Experience in Building Energy Modeling

At DEVITA, our team is committed to utilizing the latest technology for smart energy design to help our clients meet their goals. From LEED certification to Energy Star Certification and building energy modeling and management, DEVITA is equipped to help you find the best energy solutions that keep your project on time, on budget, and within compliance. Contact DEVITA today to discuss the latest innovations in smart energy design.