DEVITA is Designed for Architects

Collaborative Design

We understand the value of quality design, and it's reflected in our process—the earlier we get involved, the more we can help. Throughout the design process a team of skilled professionals will collaborate with you on key decisions that impact the performance of the building. From building envelope design to the selection of performance-appropriate systems, we approach your project holistically.

Win More Clients

Our goal is to help you succeed in the market. We stand ready to utilize our staff of veteran project managers and engineers, providing you with the technical experience required to win commissions. Experienced professionals, quality design, and superior service ensure success. Our engineers are licensed in 48 states and Puerto Rico and stand ready to guide you through the most challenging jurisdictions.


Smart Energy Design
In addition to achieving certification, our focus is on your client's return on investment.

3D BIM Modeling
Our investments in REVIT software and training bring you the benefits of the industry's leading modeling software for building design.

Complete Solutions

We are a full-service engineering firm with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural services under one roof, allow us to assume the task of coordinating the disciplines, utilizing our project manager structure. Our managers are charged with coordinating all engineering disciplines within the architectural context, allowing you to focus your time and energy on directing the entire design and construction process. 

Selected Projects

From plumbing and electrical design to mechanical and structural services, DEVITA offers a full range of design services. Our design professionals have years of experience and stand ready to work with your team throughout the entire process. Explore our solutions for some of our past projects, then contact DEVITA today to discuss your project needs.